Social Work Beyond Borders: Volume 2




By Abie Mansaray, George Mansaray and Ruth Stark


Invitation p.9
Acknowledgements p.11
Introduction p.14

PART 1 – Social Work: A Global Profession? p.20
Chapter 1: What is social work? p.21
Chapter 2: Eleanor’s Story p.27
Chapter 3: International diversity in social work p.34

PART 2 – Social Work: A Closer Look at Diversity in our Global Profession? The development of social work in two communities p.48
Chapter 4: Sierra Leone p.50
Chapter 5: Scotland p.59
Chapter 6: Common challenges in diverse environments p.67

PART 3 – An exploration of an African interpretation of the Kindergarten p.72
Chapter 7: Ruth Stark’s Hope Kindergarten p.75
Chapter 8: The Community Plan p.90

PART 4 – Social Work & Community Development in a State Welfare System p.122
Chapter 9: Scotland Communities, the duty to promote social well-being; where are we now? p.123

PART 5 – Social Work: A Vision for The Global Agenda? p.149
Chapter 10: Finding a vision from paradox and paradigms in the role of the social worker p.150
Chapter 11: The Role of Social Work & Citizen Leadership in Social Development p.161
Chapter 12: Working conditions; supporting interactive relationships p.167
Chapter 13: Investing in the future – understanding the vision of our young people p.171

Conclusion: How can we build social transformation? p.179
References p.197
Appendix: The Community Plan p.198


The Social Work in Action Series

IFSW has created a publishing space for social workers to report and reflect on their practice contexts. Practitioner perspectives are often overlooked by academic publishers that require a particular writing style and a requirement that the contribution relates to other academic writings. This at times can be different from the daily realities of social work which brings together the unique aspirations and challenges in people’s lives, with the profession´s research, theory, principles and also social worker´s own practice wisdom.

The Social Work in Action Series enables practitioners to publish accounts of their work and their realities, adding further sharedlearning opportunities as globally we collaborate to advance the
social work profession and achieve social transformation.