Social Work Beyond Borders: The Importance of Relationships




Social work happens where people work together to create social development. The approach in this book provides living demonstrations of the social work role. It takes as its theme the fourth pillar of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. Every story relates to relationships that are created to achieve change. Telling people’s stories, describing their experience, using reflective practice, has significant advantages over more traditional social science research methodologies which all too often squeeze practice approaches into non-functional linear frameworks.

Rather than following an ‘evidence-approach’, which usually minimises complexity and always lags behind adaptive and innovation practice, this anthology illuminates social worker’s applying the profession’s principles in contexts of significant complexity. Strengthening relationships, building solidarity and realising people’s real interdependent power is at the heart of this book. Many more publications of this nature are needed to arouse discussion and reflection that will inspire future actions with families, communities and societies.

Editor: Ruth Stark

Foreward: Relationships are Paramount, by Rory Truell
Introduction: Story Telling, by Ruth Stark
Chapter 1: Reuniting families in rural communities after war and pandemic disease, by George Mansary
Chapter 2: Asylum, trauma, prison and deportation, crossing continents, by Ruth Stark
Chapter 3: I have an identity of my own now,  by S. Karalam, S. George, M. Kimura & V. Paul
Chapter 4: The Care Experience, relationships and a young person’s rite of passage, by Ruth Stark
Chapter 5: Aging Migrants in a Global World, by Lola Casal-Sanchez
Chapter 6: Aftermath of Disaster in Japan: Multiple Levels in Sustainability and Social Work Practice, by Mayumi Sasaoka
Chapter 7: Relationships and supported decision making, by Graham Morgan
Chapter 8: Relationships in Environmental Sustainability – the Social work role in Influencing local and central government policies in India, by Sriganesh Venkatanarasiah
Chapter 9: Compliance or Engagement: Crossing Cultures – Africa to Europe, by Ruth Stark
Chapter 10: Social Work in Latin America, by Rory Truell and Silvana Martínez
Chapter 11: People, Poverty and Politics, by Ruth Stark
Chapter 12: Social Work beyond Borders – the future, by Ruth Stark