Social Work, Human Rights and Intercultural Relations




Graça André, Antonela Jesus

Introduction, p.4
Graça André

Living together in our common one world in the perspective of human rights and sustainable development, p.12
Hans Walz

Human needs in social science and social work, p.38
Andrea Trenkwalder-Egger

The Social Problems of Marginalised Child Asylum Seekers: Advancing Critical Reflection on Children’s Rights in Undergraduate Social Work Education, p.52
Sharon du Plessis-Schneider

Diversity, social justice and human rights in social work. Teaching Knowledge, skills and attitude, p.75
Cornelia Niehoff

Assessing current migration trends: Environmental change, environmentally induced migration and legal protection under EU law, p.85
Rita Macieira de Sousa

Conclusion. The commitment of the human relationship in an intercultural world versus the instrumentalization of professional practices. Urgencies and challenges, p.101
Antonela Jesus