Social Work Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability


A Workbook for Global Social Workers and Educators

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Incredible work is being done all over the world by social workers addressing issues at the nexus of community and environmental sustainability. Whether you are a longtime supporter of social workers investing in social and environmental sustainability work, or you are new and curious about the topic, we hope this resource will inspire and equip you. It is formatted as a workbook, with short lessons accompanied by exercises that help you apply the lessons theoretically and in your own practice.
This book is intended as a tool for international social work practitioners, students, and educators to help advance the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development theme of “working toward environmental sustainability”. The four themes of the Global Agenda are interwoven and all equally important; there is no way to help those in social, economic, and/or political peril without also looking at their physical environment, both natural and built. It is imperative that we see the bigger picture and acknowledge these inextricable links as we engage in work at all levels to address global injustices by promoting community and environmental sustainability.

By Rory Truell p.11

Preface ‘Be the Change’ p.15
By Meredith C. F. Powers & Michaela Rinkel

Chapter 1: Communities, Social Sustainability, and Social Work Practice in the Face of Disaster p.20
By Letnie F. Rock

Chapter 2: Youth and the Green Economy p.28
By Abigail Borst, Lisa Reyes Mason, & Mary Katherine Shires

Chapter 3: Agitating through an Alternate Economy: Social Work, Sustainability, and the Circular Economy p.35
By Luis Arevalo

Chapter 4: Sustainability in Social Work: Exploring the ‘Integrative Well-being Model’ p.45
By Finaflor F. Taylan

Chapter 5: Sustainability and Ecological Citizenship p.61
By Paula Sousa & José Luis Almeida

Chapter 6: Greening Social WorkThrough an Experiential Learning Framework p.74
By Sylvia Ramsay & Jennifer Boddy

Chapter 7: The Social Work Change Agent Role: Building Capacity in Rural Communities for Sustainable Natural Resource Management p.89
By Tatenda Nhapi & Takudzwa Mathende

Chapter 8: Community Development Intervention Guidelines for Communities Affected by Natural Disasters p.107
By Allucia Lulu Shokane & Hanna Nel

Chapter 9: The Role of Social Workers in Promoting Sustainable Community and Environmental Development p.121
By Sunday Ofili Ibobor

Chapter 10: Sustainable Wellbeing and Social Work with Children: Promoting Our Connectedness with Nature Through Nature-Assisted Interventions p.133
By Harriet Rabb

Chapter 11: Promoting Sustainability by a Paradigm Shift Towards Commons p.146
By Jef Peeters

Chapter 12: Water is Life p.161
By Amanda Martin

Chapter 13: Gentrification and Displacement: An Environmental Justice Challenge for Social Work in Urban Environments p.175
By Eileen M. Brennan, Kevin R. Jones, & Ryan Elizabeth Bender

Chapter 14: Forced Migration and the Lived Experiences of Refugees p.192
By Julie Drolet

Chapter 15: The Juxtaposition Between Environmental Sustainability and Social Sustainability: An Indian Perspective on Climate Change and Mental Health p.202
By Aarti Jagannathan, Janardhana N, Ameer Hamza, & Ragesh G

Chapter 16: Social and Environmental Sustainability as Ethical Values to Guide Social Work Practice p.214
By Lola Casal-Sanchez

Chapter 17: Building Sustainable Communities Through Social Work in Emergency/Disaster Situations: Learning from
the Association of Social Work Professionals of Spain p.223
By Manuel Gutiérrez Pascual & Ana Lima Fernández

Chapter 18: Using Social Media to Communicate Environmental Justice in Rural Spaces p.238
By Rachel Forbes

Chapter 19: Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability: Developing Strategies that will Combine Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Development p.246
By Dorothy N. Gamble

Chapter 20: Threadbare: The Role of Social Work in Addressing Ecological Injustices of the Fashion Industry p.258
By Meredith C. F. Powers & Elena Slominski

Chapter 21: Comparing Model Representations of Sustainability: Tools for Social Workers p.275
By Michaela Rinkel

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