Youth and the Mystery Wall


Phil was a founder of the Care Leavers Association in England. He writes about the crucial importance of teenagers’ collective empowerment from the perspective of his experiences in England but he sets them against wider international cultures and policies. Ruth Stark, who wrote the foreword to this book, commented: “The unique perspective that Phil offers us is to ‘read, mark, learn and in-wardly digest’ is from reflecting on his lived experience, knowledge and learning and helping us to journey together to change our world for sus-tainable shared futures”.



Phil Frampton

With a foreword by Ruth Stark

Dedication p.6
Foreword p.7
Introduction p.9
Background p.22
Child Labour and Adolescence p.46
Origins of the Mystery Wall p.116
The Mystery Wall Separating Adolescents’ Atomised and Collective Worlds p.126
Societal Oppression of Adolescents p.150
Adolescents in Corporate Residential Settings p.181
Ways Forward p.251
Appendix p.278